The period of rest and restoration in savasana (corpse pose) after the physical and mental focus of the sessions is vital to the efficacy of the practice.

This pose is where we enjoy the fruits of our labours: the meditative peace of mind that comes with wringing the stress and tension out of the body, and the feelings of union between mind, body, and soul that come from yogic asana, and pranayama.

Together, in a yoga shala or studio, or even during live workshops this shared energy is more easily enjoyed. However, the practice I am sharing is largely efficacious when applied to daily life, and often the full length session is difficult to squeeze into our daily routine.

Therefore I wanted to break down the practice offerings online and give each user the opportunity to take each part of the Yoga for Gut Health and Healing practice to explore in their own time and space.

Feel totally free to add the meditations on to the end of your physical practice for the full intended experience. You can also use them for a separate meditation when this is what you are in need of.

They are also available to anyone who does not want, need or is unable to practice the physical sequences and requires meditative healing in stillness.

Purchase All 4 Meditations for $25 / £20


The Savasanas

4 guided meditations to accompany the 4 part Yoga for Gut Health & Healing programme

$25 / £20 works out as only £6.30 / £5 per meditation, personally, and lovingly prepared by Flo.

The guided meditations accompany the Yoga for Gut Health & Healing programme.

During the workshops, live classes, or private sessions Flo would guide you through these meditations at the end of your yoga yoga asana and pranayama practice.

Here you can purchase the meditations to play after your yoga practice if you have purchased the Y4GH&H programme, or you can use them at any time, in any space that works for you.

They will also be suitable for anyone who isn't looking for an asana/pranayama practice and would prefer a more still, meditative approach.

Week 1: Gut Feelings

Body Scan Guided Meditation

Slip in to a deep prolonged yoga nidra state to enhance awareness and healing connections between your mind, body and your inner and outer self

Week 2: Tempering the Fire

Warm golden and cool blue energy

Explore your imagination and its healing powers as you transition between bathing in warm golden light, and filling your meridians with cool rivets of blue.

Week 3: Riding the Waves

Riding the breath meditation

Inspired by breath itself. Feel the intensity of each inspiration and each expiration to bring you to new heights of awareness, invigoration and relaxation. Every breath is a new dawn, a new day, a new opportunity.

Week 4: The Warrior

Inner Strength & Receiving Abundance

All you have to do to be a healing warrior worthy of healing is to lie back, let go of resistance and open yourself up to receive the abundance of energy the universe wants to give you.